Tharyl Xilo

Wild Elf Ranger, orphaned as a child, of the Faerun Relm



Strength: 17
Dexterity: 20
Constitution: 17
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 15
Charisma: 6

Armor Class: 19
Armor Proficiency: Medium Armor

Personality Traits: Socially Awkward, incredibly intuitive/perceptive, and anxious in crowds, souvenir keeper.

Traits: Athletics, Survival, Perception, Insight
Fighting Style: Two-handed fighting

Additional Traits:
Favored enemy: Orcs and Knolls
Mask of the wild: in light foliage, can be hidden
Dark Vision: see at night 60 feet
Fey Ancestry: advantage saving throw when charmed, can’t be put to sleep
Trance: no need to sleep – 4 hrs max

2x Short Sword – 1d6
1 Long Bow – 1d8


Scale Mail
Explorer’s Pack
Arrows: 19
Nap sack: rat claw, raven trachea, pig tail, goblin eye, ghoul tooth, cobalt wing


Tharyl Xiio is a Wood Elf, also known as a Wild Elf, from the Faerun Relm. He lost his parents at young age and was raised by another ranger. He learned the basics of survival, instinct, and perception; most importantly Tharyl learned how to fight. As a teenage, he and his master were attacked by savage Orcs and Knolls. Injured from the attack, Tharyl’s master developed an infection that couldn’t be cured. Soon after, Tharyl was left to his own abilities to survive the rugged forests of Faerun.

Tharyl Xilo

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