He doesn't do much singing, but he'll put on a hell of a show.


Studded armor, shield, rapier(although he’s a die hard supporter of mutual consent), Fucklickin Banjo, Purple Stuff Headband of Bein Smart an Shit, a small gold ring on a simple chain he always wears.


Dick-u-bus, a friendly joking nick name was given to him by a completely soused Dwarf with whom he spent a fairly raucous weekend a few decades ago. He liked it, and now his real name is unknown. Despite his outgoing nature, he prefers not to talk much about his background. Those who know him, or at least spend more time with him than a single night of drunk and disorderly conduct at the tavern, can sense a deeply buried pain somehow connected to the simple ring he wears.
He has no true love interests, and his ultimate goal is held close to his chest, in more ways than one.


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